The Progression Of A Nebraska Auto Accident Case – Peaks & Valleys

A Nebraska auto accident case has peaks and valleys.

The case initially starts off with the accident. Events are at a peak and intense. The injured party usually goes to the hospital emergency room and begins to deal with the pain and incovenience of an injury. After that, you have to select a doctor to initiate a treatment plan. You also have to make decisions about how you’re going to pay for that care.

The injured party also has to deal with the hassle of resolving the property damage claim. You may go without a car while your vehicle is in the shop and or have to buy an entirely new car if your old car was totalled in the wreck.

After the resolution of the property damage claim and the beginning of a treatment plan, things calm down for a while. As I’ve discussed here, you don’t want to settle the case until you are done treating with all of the doctors. While you are going through the treatment phase, the insurance company for the bad driver sits back and waits for you to finish treating.

Once you are done treating, I obtain updated medical records and bills from your providers. If you should have any unpaid bills, please bring those to me. Sometimes, providers aren’t very cooperative in providing informations.

Once I complete documenting the file, I send in all of the medical records and bills to the insurance company with our opening offer. We call this the settlement demand. This is when things get intense and more interesting again.

After the insurance company receives a demand, they make a counter offer. After the receipt of the counter offer, several rounds of settlement offers are exchanged. At some point, the insurance company make it’s best offer.

Once the insurance company makes it’s best offer, we then must decided whether to accept it or file a lawsuit against the responsible driver.

I’ve outlined the various phases of a Nebraska car accident lawsuit in previous posts. Please feel free to review those.

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