Medical & Hospital Liens in Nebraska Personal Injury Cases

As I’ve discussed here before, once you’re injured in a car accident or dog bite incident in Nebraska, you have to figure how out to pay the medical bills.  In a car accident or dog bite case, the insurance company for the responsible party won’t be paying any medical bills until you settle and give them a release and a closed file.  The insurance company for the responsible party makes no advance payments on the settlement.

That means you have to submit your medical bills to your own auto and health insurance companies for payment.  If you don’t have enough insurance to pay all of your bills, you will be dealing with liens from the doctors and hospitals.

If you don’t have enough insurance to pay your bills, the doctors and hospitals file liens with the insurance company for the bad driver or the owner of the dog.  What that means is that the health care provider’s name will go on the settlement check.  By filing a lien, the provider pretty much guarantees they will get paid when the case settles.

Some providers will file a lien and not turn the account over to collection.  That will give you some breathing room before the case gets settled and filing a lien saves the provider the costs of collection.

When I settle a case for a client, I always ask the attorney or adjuster for the insurance company for a copy of all liens.  That gives me a better idea how much you will receive from the settlement when we distribute the money.

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