Drunk Driving In Nebraska Car Accident Cases

Over the years, I’ve represented the victims of drunk driving on numerous occasions. Fortunately, accidents involving drunk drivers don’t happen very often.

The legal implications of drunk driving in Nebraska car accident cases can be significant. Usually, in these cases, the insurance company admits fault early in the process and are open to the idea of paying the victim compensation. Nevertheless, the insurance company will still do everything it can to pay you as little as possible. The adjuster won’t try to pay you nothing but he will still do everything in his/her power to limit the payout.

If a case involving a drunk driver should actually go to trial for a resolution of the issues, the insurance company and it’s lawyer will admit that the drunk driver was at fault. What that means is that the only issue at trial will be the amount of compensation you will receive. (I discussed admitted liability trials in an earlier article on personal injury trials.)

If the insurance company and it’s lawyer admit fault, the jury will never know that the driver was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Because of a bad Nebraska Supreme Court decision, an admission of liability bars any discussion of the fact the defendant was driving drunk. It is considered to be irrelevant since fault has been admitted.

Bad decisions like the one I’ve referenced in this article means that elections matter. Judges are selected by the governor and some governors are more sympathetic to injury victims than others. Before you vote in this year’s elections, study the issues and try to figure out which gubernatorial candidate is likely to pick judges who are more sympathetic to the interests of the general public over the corporations.

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