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Have you been bitten by a dog? Has your child been bitten by a dog? Do you want to know who is going to be responsible for the medical bills? For that matter, if the dog bite is severe enough to cause missed work, how are you going to deal with the rest of your bills?

At the Crawford Law Office, we are ready to provide answers to your questions in plain English. We have more than 20 years of experience getting results in dog bite cases in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska. We want you to benefit from that experience and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Liability is Clear in Dog Bite Cases

The laws regarding dog bites are very supportive of victims. When a person’s dog attacks and bites someone, the responsibility and liability is clear. There isn’t much that the dog owner can do to defend against a claim. Certainly they may try to, but as long as it is clear that they own the dog and that the dog attacked or bit the victim, they are most likely going to be held strictly liable. The dog owner’s homeowners or renters insurance policy will generally cover the claim. We will take great care to make certain the compensation you receive is fair, covering all expenses associated with the animal attack.

When we are helping you pursue compensation, we will review the full impact of the dog bite. If your child was the victim, there may be long term scarring that will need to be addressed. Aside from the physical damage, there may be emotional trauma as well. We will make certain that is addressed. We will do everything in our power to make certain you get the compensation you deserve, because we genuinely care about our clients.

No Fees Unless We Get Results

We handle all dog bite cases on a contingency basis. You don’t have to pay any attorney fees unless we get results for you.

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