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Be Careful Before You Sign A Release

In order to get a settlement for your Nebraska personal injury or workers’ compensation case, you will be required to sign a full release of all claims. Because this is a very important document, you must be very careful before you sign a release. One reason you […]

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Nebraska Personal Injury Cases – Myth & Reality

After you’re injured in an accident, many of your friends and relatives become injury law “experts.”  You will get well meaning advice from these people but it’s worth what you pay for it.  These well-intentioned folks will give you some myths and old wive’s tales that reflect […]

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The Progression Of A Nebraska Auto Accident Case – Peaks & Valleys

A Nebraska auto accident case has peaks and valleys. The case initially starts off with the accident. Events are at a peak and intense. The injured party usually goes to the hospital emergency room and begins to deal with the pain and incovenience of an injury. After […]

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Settling The Property Damage Claim

One of the first decisions you will have to make after a Nebraska car accident is how to settle your property damage claim.  The first thing that has to happen is that the insurance company for the bad drive must accept responsibility or liability for your claim. […]

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Obtaining Medical Records – Easier Said Than Done

One of the keys to a good result in your Nebraska workers’ compensation or personal injury case is the documentation of your injuries. In order to get a better settlement offer or build up the evidentiary basis for a trial, I must obtain all of the medical […]

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Filing An Appeal

After a decision or a verdict in a Nebraska workers’ compensation or personal injury case, respectively, the losing party can file an appeal of that decision. Generally, after the decision by the Workers’ Compensation Court judge, you have thirty days to file an appeal with the Nebraska […]

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Personal Injury Trials In Nebraska

If your personal injury case can’t be settled, then you must go to trial and let a jury of 6 or 12 people decide the value of your case. Unfortunately, the juries you hear about in the media are wholly unlike the ones you deal with in […]

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Settlement Negotiations

After the completion of your deposition, serious settlement negotiations will finally begin. This is because by this point in your case, the lawyer for the insurance company, Crete Carriers or Werner Enterprises will have completed his/her investigation of your case. Negotiations start out when I make a […]

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Giving Your Deposition

After you answer the written questions or interrogatories, you will give a deposition to the lawyer for the insurance company. Deposition is a fancy legal term for giving a statement about your case under oath. At the deposition, the opposing lawyer will question you for approximately two […]

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Answering The Interrogatories

As I discussed in my last post, after you file a lawsuit, the lawyer for the insurance company sends us some questions for you (the injured party) to answer. Those questions must be answered within 30 days and you must sign those answers under oath in the […]

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