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We Do Nebraska Dog Bite Cases

Ever since I began practicing law in Nebraska over twenty seven years ago, I’ve represented the victims of dog bites. This kind of accident happens more than you can imagine. The law in Nebraska on dog bite cases is favorable to the victim. The law in Nebraska […]

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Who Pays My Medical bills In A Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you’re injured on the job in Nebraska, or while working for Crete Carriers and Werner Enterprises, it is the obligation of the employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company to pay work-related medical expenses. Under Nebraska law, all reasonable and necessary medical expenses must be paid. […]

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Who Pays My Medical Bills If I’m Injured In A Car Accident In Nebraska?

We don’t only do Nebraska workers’ compensation cases at Crawford Law Offices, we also do auto accident and personal injury cases. I’m frequently asked by my clients who will pay their medical bills if they get injured in a car accident in Nebraska. As a starting point, […]

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The Role of Negligence (If Any) In Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Cases

Both clients and prospective clients frequently want to discuss with me how the employer’s negligence caused their work-related accident. The reality is that the Nebraska workers’ compensation laws are no fault and that usually means that the negligence of the employer and employee isn’t a factor. If […]

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Why I’m Running For Congress

I recently announced my intention to run for Congress in Nebraska’s 1st Congressional District. I’m running because this run for Congress is a natural outgrowth of my continuing advocacy for injured workers in Nebraska. Over the last twenty years, I’ve been very involved in the Nebraska Association […]

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What Is My Nebraska Personal Injury Case Worth?

I do Nebraska personal injury cases as well as workers’ compensation cases. My clients frequently ask me what is my case worth? The answer is that it’s worth either the final offer of settlement from the insurance company or the amount of a jury verdict at the […]

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Attorney’s Fees In Nebraska Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Cases

Sometimes people call me and ask me what it will cost to hire Crawford Law Offices to handle their Nebraska workers’ compensation or personal injury case.  My answer is that no up-front money is required.  My fees are based upon a percentage of recovery.  You only pay […]

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Employee Termination In Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Case

One of the unfortunate realities in Nebraska workers’ compensation cases is that employees are frequently fired.  For example, Crete Carriers and Werner Enterprises are pretty aggressive when it comes to firing injured workers.  Unfortunately, Nebraska is an “employment at will” and a “right to work” state where […]

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What If My Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied?

When you are injured on the job, the workers compensation insurance company will investigate the claim and decide whether or not to cooperate. Nebraska workers’ compensation claims usually follow one of two patterns: 1.  The insurance company completely denies the claim from the outset and refuses to […]

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How an Experienced Attorney Can Help You in a Nebraska Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Case

Prospective clients frequently ask me how can I help them.  I usually tell them there are three important things I can do for them that help them get more of the compensation that they deserve. 1.  Document the file.  One of the keys to being treated fairly […]

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